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User's Guide

1. Advert listings are for Companies/Individuals disposing of used machinery/heavy equipment.

Adverts are for private used machinery/heavy equipment sales only. Adverts placed by anybody who is not a verified machinery dealers or individual owner will be suspended automatically.

2. Make and model fields must only include Make & Model information

The make and model fields are purely for the inclusion of machine make and model for accurate classification of your machine. Any other information should be included in the Description field. “Caterpillar” “D6T” tractor for example. The make field should only include “Caterpillar” and the model field should only include “D6T

3. Equipment / Machinery Description must be at least 150 characters long

Information that you should consider including in the advert are the make, model, condition, years, working hours, parts or support included and location. Good descriptions result in more genuine and informed sales leads

4. Seller / leaser contact details should not be included in the description

Seller / leaser contact details including but not limited to phone, fax, email and web, cannot be included in the description. Doing so opens your personal details up to spammers and does not allow you to track the performance of your advert from your statistics. All your contact details are included automatically on each advert.

5. Keyword spamming is not permitted

Adverts must not use brand names or other words inappropriately for the purpose of attracting buyers to a listing.

6. Each advert must include at least one photo

Each advert must include at least one photo (for industry support category, company logo may be preferable and other photos showing work that have been previously accomplished, award photos can also be included). Adverts that include many photos significantly increase the likelihood of enquiries and sales.

7. Photos must be of the actual equipment / machinery.

Photos for adverts must be of the actual equipment / machine being listed. Unacceptable photos include logos, icons, computer generated images, unrelated or generic images and duplicated photos.

8. Adverts must not misrepresent items

The item must be described accurately and honestly in your advert. Misrepresentation can include:


  • listing ads in inappropriate categories
  • entering keywords in the title or description that do not appropriately describe the item
  • identifying an inaccurate location of the item


9. Use of offensive language or profanities in listings is not permitted

You must not use offensive language or profanities as your listing may come across as being unprofessional and may discourage potential buyers or hirers.

10. Adverts cannot infringe third party intellectual property rights

Infringements include, but are not limited to the following: Copying and displaying a third party’s logo, item description, photo either from another seller’s or leaser’s advert or from any other source. Listing or selling an imitation or copy of a brand name’s product.

11. Machinery listed must be available for sale or for hire

Any heavy equipment or machinery listed on the site must be available for purchase or for hire. If the item is not in stock the lead time must be clearly stipulated in the description or set status to be available or not.

12. Only one equipment or machine may be listed per advert

Adverts must not feature multiple equipment and machines unless the models are identical. Each machine should be listed in a separate advert.

13. Adverts must be machinery or equipment related

Equipmart.net specializes in business to business heavy equipment and machinery sales and does not accept general sales advertising non-machinery related items.

14. Buyer enquiries must be answered within 48 hours

Buyer enquiries must be answered within 48 hours as studies show that a sure fire way to increase the likelihood of a sale is to respond quickly to enquiries. Failure to respond to enquiries may result in your adverts being removed as they will be deemed "not available for sale".

15. Sold machinery must be removed within 48 hours

To ensure the marketplace is current, machines that are sold should be removed from EquipMART within 48 hours

16. Adverts must comply with Nigerian Trade Fair Laws

All listing and advertising must comply with the Nigerian Trade Fair Act. For Fair Trading Act details, contact Consumer Protection in your state.

*17. Duplicating an advert or listing the same equipment and machine more than once is not permitted

Listing the same machine more than once will result in EquipMART suspending the offending adverts until they have been revised or removed permanently by the dealer. For ‘new’ equipment where multiple items are in stock we recommend that you utilise our 'Number in Stock' feature. Duplicating content is penalized by search engines and results in an inevitable drop in sales leads. EquipMART maintains its advertising rules to provide the best possible sales results for all users. Breaching advertising rules will result in adverts being suspended until the breach is rectified by the advertiser. Continued breaches may result in suspension of sellers’ or leasers’ profile.