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How does EquipMART work?

EquipMART is a marketplace that brings buyers, sellers and hirers together in one easy to use site. As Nigeria's most comprehensive marketplace for heavy equipment and machinery, you have access to the most up-to-date information available. All adverts that you find on EquipMART are listed by the dealer, private seller or leaser and are managed online with a user login. Buyers and sellers deal directly, free from a middle man and associated commissions.

How do I contact the seller?

Click on the 'Send Enquires' button at the buttom of any advertisers' information. You will be able to contact the seller or leaser directly. If you buy or hire heavy equipment and machinery regularly, you will enjoy the full benefits of the site by registering for free.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

Click on 'Login' the top right hand corner of any page. Then enter your email address in 'Lost your Password?' section to reset the password. Your username is the email that you signed up with. Check for an email sent to you from EquipMART email i.e. info@equipmart.net. This email will contain your username and password.

Why should I advertise with EquipMART?

Because we're the quickest, simplest and most cost effective form of advertising in the heavy equipment and machinery industry! Our site is also promoted directly to industry users unlike any other, meaning more potential buyers and anyone who want to hire equipment will see your advert.

Who can buy machinery through EquipMART?

In Nigeria, anyone can purchase or rent heavy equipment and machinery through EquipMART.

Can I sell heavy equipment and machinery through the EquipMART?

Only Nigeria dealers, private sellers or leasers can list heavy equipment and machinery on EquipMART. These equipment / machinery must be available in Nigeria.

Does it cost to buy through EquipMART?

No, buyers or hirers can search for, hire and buy equipment and machinery from any advertiser on www.equipmart.net free of charge.

Am I a dealer or a private seller or a leaser?

You are classified as a dealer if you buy, sell or exchange, or offer to buy, sell or exchange 6 or more heavy equipment and machinery in any 12 month period. You are a private seller if you are selling private used heavy equipment and machinery. You are a leaser if you are leasing heavy equipment and machinery.

Can buyers from other states buy my heavy equipment and machinery?

Yes, buyers from other states can access your adverts and purchase your heavy equipment and machinery. But this is solely at your own discretion.

How much does it cost to sell machinery on EquipMART?

Dealers pay a fixed advertising fee which is determined by the rate.

How do I sign up as a private user?

Signing up is free and easy. http://www.equipmart.net/login/

How do I search for heavy equipment and machinery in EquipMART?

From the homepage, you'll see a 'Search' box, enter the equipment or machinery you want (enter any keywords), select the industry, category, subcategory, location and hit 'Search'. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can use “subscribe for this search”. You'll be the first to know when an equipment or machine you want is available.

When and why should I remove my advert?

Heavy equipment and Machines that are sold should be removed from EquipMART within 48 hours. This ensures the marketplace remains current and gives the best results for buyers, sellers and leasers. You will always seem more professional to buyers and hirers if your adverts only show available machinery.

I cannot list an item, can you help me?

Yes, download the List an item form, fill and send it back to support@equipmart.net.

How do I edit/delete my advert?

Go to ‘My Account’ , on the dashboard, click on Edit/Delete Adverts or you send us an email telling us to remove it from the site.

How long does my advert stay live?

All adverts will remain for 30 days. If your advert sells before this time, ensure you remove the advert to eliminate unnecessary calls and email enquiries.

I would like to place a private advert but the site is not taking my credit card?

EquipMART accepts offline payment method through bank deposits or transfer. VISA and Mastercard will be available soon.

I've advertised my machine for a while and it hasn’t sold yet. What can I do to sell it faster?

Login to 'EquipMART', you'll be able to see statistics on how many times your advert has been viewed. This can help you decide what changes you should implement to sell your machine faster. For example, if the statistics show there have been lots of views, but these are not leading to enough enquiries, perhaps the photo needs be replaced with a better one or include the maximum amount of photos, or maybe you need to adjust the price slightly.

Why was my advert removed?

At times adverts are removed if they breach the RULES and/or to uphold the quality of the marketplace. If you advert is removed, you'll be sent an email advising the reason for the removal. Please sign in and revise your advert to make sure it appears live again. Continued breaches of advertising rules may result in suspension of a seller's or leaser’s profile.

How do I update my email address and other contact details?

Click on 'Log in' the top right hand corner of any page. Enter your Username and Password and login. Once you’ve loged in, click on 'My Account' on the tab with dashboard. Modify as appropriate.

Which browsers does EquipMART support?

For the best experience, we recommend using one of the following browsers: Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 4, Google Chrome. We try to support all other browsers but cannot guarantee compatibility with older browsers while also providing a great browsing experience for the majority of users. Upgrading to the latest version of your browser ensures you get the best experience on EquipMART and rest of the web.

I'm a seller, how can I get a receipt for an advert I submitted?

An invoice will be emailed to you as soon as you complete your advert including payment.

I've sent the seller the funds but the equipment / machine has not been released?

Although we've never heard of this happening to an EquipMART buyer, we have precautions in place. Unfortunately, we are unable to interfere in the private transactions between a buyer, a seller and leaser however, if you can provide us with a letter of complaint, we will keep this on permanent file under the seller's or leaser’s records.

What sort suspicious behaviour should I look out for?

There are many types of scams that exist, many of which are email based. You should exercise extreme caution, especially with people who; - Are in other states - Request payment via Western Union or other instant cash transfer method request that you send goods before you receive payment. Claim to have a friend/agent who can pay you an amount greater than the value of your goods, then ask you to send them the difference. Click here to learn more about scam Feel free to contact us or +234 8182318977 with any further questions.